design of vertical pulverizer

2007· The American Pulverizer Co. product line in the 21st century includes an extensive line of machines for scrap processors and other recyclers provide wide flexibility of operation by allowing for instant adjustment of particle separation ranges.Mar 01 View quality Vertical Pulverizer or ball-and-race. Design features: Compact design; maintains performance with up to 80% weight loss of balls; stationary or variable speed rotating dual stage classifiers. Capacity: Up to 23 t/h (21 t m/h).Vertical Shaft Turnings Crusher The American Pulverizer VS Series Vertical Shaft Turning Crusher is a modern practical self-contained vertical axis crusher designed to handle nearly every kind of scrap with real dependability They are ideal for supporting both large and small metal machining plants as well as steel of the pulverizer and out the exhaust pipes directly to the burner. The more recent coal pulverizer designs are Vertical Roller Mills. Figure 2 shows a cutaway view of a Babcock and Wilcox MPS Pulverizer. Ring-Roll and Ball-Race Mills A ball or roller between two races or rings provides the grinding surfaces on which pulverization occurs.Typical implementations of centrifugal classifiers are shown in Figure 1 in a vertical pulverizer and a ball tube mill with external classifier. (a) (b) Figure 1. (a) Vertical Mill with Centrifugal Classifier and (b) Stand-Alone Centrifugal Classifier ... A prototype design was begun for a full-scale test installation in the field.Oct 01